Easy Shredded Chicken

This super simple and delicious shredded chicken can be eaten all on it’s own or made into so many other tasty recipes. It’s convenient to have on hand and is so versatile that you’ll never run out of options!



23 lbs chicken breast

1 cup of chicken broth

Seasoning of choice

(minced onion and garlic if desired)


  1. Place seasoned chicken breast into the slow cooker
  2. Pour chicken broth over chicken
  3. Set on high for 3-4 hours or low for 7-8 hours
  4. Once fully cooked, remove chicken from left over juices and shred. The hand mixer is a great way to quickly shred the chicken but two forks will get the job done as well.


You can add minced garlic and/or onion for more flavor. I like to keep it as simple as possible so that I can adjust the flavor of the chicken depending on what I will be making with it.